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Equality & Justice For Everyone !

South Asian Fund For Education, Scholarship & Training founded in 2015, is a Education based community organization that provides an empowerment voice for South Asian American community irrespective of their Language and culture whether educated or uneducated.





In the State Senate, John Liu is:

-> Fighting for quality, affordable health care for everyone

->Leading the fight for good-paying jobs

->Ensuring every child gets a high-quality education 

->Helping New York recover from the damage done by COVID-19

->Protecting homeowners and tenants

->Fighting climate change

->Protecting the right to vote

->Election day is November 3rd. 

->Early voting is Oct.24-Nov.1.

Absentee ballots must be postmarked by November 3rd.

Twitter: @LiuNewYork

Facebook: liu.nyc 

Instagram: johnliuny

What We Do?

We're On A Mission To Solve
The Problems

Pure Water

Everyone has equal right to tap water. Water is a basic human right, Please standup for these residents who are being deprived of it. Over 50 people including the children and senior citizens, have no tap water for weeks, and authorities have turned blind eyes on these “Brighton Beach Residents” .

Criminal Justice

SAFEST leads the way to ending the  brutality that target our communities. We’ve led coalitions that have won victories impacting millions of New Yorkers, like the passage of the Community Safety Act, which dramatically reined in biased “stop and frisk” policing.for cities across the country.

Housing Justice

SAFEST services encourage and maintain affordable housing through direct support, community organization, and advocacy policy. We work to inform immigrants about their rights and obligations in rental housing and help prevent them from falling victim to methods of illegalized eviction and other types of harassment and discrimination.


SAFEST takes care that each and every school going kid should get good education and religious habits which helps in further development of self individual. Along with "No One should leave the lunch room without eating food" in their schools and educational institutions.

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SAFEST held many campaigns in organising events for their community people’s right and justice .  We will inform South Asians and the broader public regarding their rights, benefits, and working conditions in the workplace. it will host workshops, job seminars, and job training classes for those who need the most with the mission of educating the public, policy makers, and elected officials.

Our Video Link is Comming Soon..!

Our Mission


SAFEST Mission  is to educate and train hundreds of South Asian immigrant, youth, adults, workers men and women especially those that are unemployed and underemployed everywhere in the community.

Our Vision

SAFEST will lead in organizing, educating, training, registering new voters, helping them to understand the importance of voting, understanding candidates’ position on important issues, agendas and how they relate to them to their community.

How Can You Help?

Your donation will help us save and improve lives with research, education and emergency care.

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